I have decided I don't think it takes authors a long time to write books, I think it takes them years to recover from book tours.I didn't blog yesterday as last night I got to San Francisco and fell asleep at eight-thirty. Thursday was a killer day, a good one, but a long one.


Feb 27, 2011by tracey Comments

I have decided I don’t think it takes authors a  long time to write books, I think it takes them years to recover from book tours.I didn’t blog yesterday as last night I got to San Francisco and fell asleep at eight-thirty.

Thursday was a killer day, a good one, but a long one.

It started at six thirty with a radio interview with Lisa Davis of It’s Your Health Radio.We had a great time and have promised to make a habit of talking on air  about topics that are important to both of us.

I then said good-bye to Glenn and was picked up by Jason Kasperski who has been the best LA escort.  I don’ t mean it that way, he takes me to stores and meetings. He blessedly drove us downtown so I could do the Connie Martinson Talks Books show.  Because I don’ t watch much TV I know little but she has been an institution in the literary community for decades.  I took the following from her Wikipedia site.

“The Connie Martinson Talks Books collection consists of more than 2,500 television interviews (L.A. CityView Channel 35, government access cable and PBS in New York) with prominent authors of fiction and nonfiction taped over the last 30 years. Included in the collection are interviews with Maya Angelou, Ray Bradbury, Al Gore, Rosa Parks, Gore Vidal, Studs Terkel and Joyce Carol Oates. Arguably her most famous interview took place in 1995 when she interviewed a then little known author named Barack Obama about his first book, Dreams From My Father.”

We instantly had a common interest as she had long time Santa Barabara resident and founder of the well known Santa Barbara Writers Conference Barnaby  Conrad on the week before. Barney is someone I would love to capture on 50@50 as he is into his 80’s and still writing and publishing.

On set with Connie Martinson

She  was intrigued with my FlipCam. Had we had the time I would have “Flipped” her. But she had Tim Johnson waiting in the wings to discuss his new book on The Dalai Lama.

Then back in the car and off to sign stock at Barnes and Noble at The Grove.

I’m in very good company.

What I loved the most in the most  bittersweet way was the table right across from where my books are – was not one, not two, not three, but four stacks of Blake Snyder’s various Save the Cats. My god at the moment all I wanted was for him to be there so we could laugh at it together. But the other cool thing was Blake and my good friend  screenwriter and Vanderbilt professor Will Akers had their books side by side. This was perfect as they were friends in life and I know Will is honored to be sitting there next to Blake and Blake would have been thrilled to be next to Will.

Then it was back in the car and up to Santa Barbara, a drive I have done thousands of times.

I checked into The Biltmore, a hotel I practically grew up in, (but that is for the 3rd book). It  was a gorgeous day and it is an amazing spot. I think you take that for granted when you are growing up. I think you take a lot for granted when you are growing up.

This is where I grew up. I could never go back, but it does take your breath away.

My room overlooked this. I could see people splashing in the pool and lying in chairs. It  was about 65. But a writer’s work is never done, so back in the car for me and off to….

All that traveling I did in the fall has paid off.

Get to work!

I took a tiny detour to the neighborhood I grew up in.

I parked in front of my childhood house. I was hoping they would come out and ask me in. They didn’t. I think it’s better that didn’t happen.

My friends Penny and Adam Bianchi opened the doors to their glorious home and gave me a super book party.

Hostess Penny ~ who is eternally youthful and I really have to Flip. She also is a woman of great convictions and is fearless and honest and follows her own mind and heart. A trait I find is missing in many people I have known in my life. I don’t hang out with them now, but it never ceases to amaze me….

The party was filled with both people I knew and had never met. This is Sharol and Cathy.  I may have this wrong as I met so many, if I do I will correct it tomorrow and I apologize now.

Then there were people I have known since I was two years old. Blake’s mother Kim Snyder on the left and Helene Boag on the right. In all fairness I  met Helene when I was around five and grew up with her children. I was so happy they were there.

I was thrilled to see my friend of decades, artist Robert Walker who is thriving in Ojai California where he still paints daily. Another Flip candidate. I won’t even tell you his age as you would never believe it. He looks as good as he did when I met him thirty years ago.But he has always been so alert and open to new ideas, devours books and can talk on any topic and has never stopped working:  A role model for many young men to follow.

This is a new friend, Linda Whiston. You know how sometimes you meet someone and within seconds you have a thousand things in common?  That was the case with Linda. Can’t wait until she comes to New York so we can pick up where we left off.

Linda and Robert got on well too.

And then  some of my high school friends showed up.

Whitney  Ingersoll, Jeff Lewis and Tracy Burnell were there among others:

This made me beyond happy.

It was a great night and we literally had to send people home or they might still be there!

Penny, Lynnda Blitzer and a few of us grabbed a pizza at Via Vai. I must say this, SB closes early,  at 10:15 they were stacking the chairs on the tables.

But I was ready for this as I had to get up at the crack of dawn to catch a flight to San Francisco.

Santa Barbara as always short, sweet and complicated.