Like with Bernard Kruger I am running this two days in a row for those who didn't see it and meant to or just never opened it. This whole series is worth fifteen minutes every other day. The rest of what I do is not really important, these all are.


Feb 8, 2011by tracey Comments

I would say that all men should just delete this one today as it has to do with women and menopause and peri – menopause and vaginas, (usually when I throw in a word like that men keep on reading) and all sorts of vital information that women need.

I can’t tell you how often women ask me some of the simplest questions about their bodies. I guess since I’m obsessed with medicine people think I know a lot more about it than I do.

But I think not only is this blog going to be amazingly helpful for women, but men, if you are wondering why your wife may be crabby for no reason, isn’t as sexually aroused as she used to be. Why she is opening and closing windows, putting on and taking off sweaters and shirts and throwing off the covers. Why she wanders into the room with determination then stops dead in her tracks and looks confused and asks, “ What did I come in here for?” If any of that happens in your house, then I think today’s Doc Talk might answer some questions you have.

This week I was really lucky to talk with Dr. Robin Philips MD.
Dr. Philips has been at the forefront middle age women’s health care for decades.  She was using bio identicals long before most.  She wrote the American edition of the Menopause Bible. The woman knows more about all this than anyone I have ever encountered.

Today in her two part interview she answers so many questions women have. She offers solutions and is so generous in sharing her decades of expertise.

If you don’t have time to watch it all now, wait until later. Save it for tonight, pour a glass of red wine and listen to what Robin has to say.

Like yesterday I will run this again tomorrow. This stuff is important. it’s information you need, women need it to make the proper choices about their futures and men if you actually know what is going on with the women in your life you might have a little more patience next time you wake up and the window is open and it’s 14 degrees outside.