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Feb 10, 2011by tracey Comments

Let’s say if you think I thought the last couple days have been important, they are nothing compared to the next two.

The next two will give you information that without question will not only blow your mind, but could if followed save or extend your life or the life of someone you love.

Heart disease is the number one killer of all for both sexes. Cancer is second, but heart is still way ahead of the pack. And the amazing thing is there are ways to prevent sudden heart attacks, open-heart surgery or any number of things that involve heart disease. And it all has to do with early testing. The diagnostic tools available today are amazing and the thing is most people I talk to (and we know how much I talk) don’t really know that much about them. And almost no one I know has had them.

I’m not going to say too much as I want you to watch this most important video.

Dr. Wolff is one of, if not the pre-eminent Cardiac Radiologists in this country.

He not only practices here in New York, he teaches and lectures and through his own company is constantly creating, perfecting and advancing the technologies with new medical software. There are few if any who have his knowledge and experience in this field.

Today he will answer some of the most important questions about heart health and more importantly he will tell you what you can do to stack the cards in your favor by early testing and exactly what kinds of tests to get. Cause chances are your doctor may not be doing all he can or should.

Have you ever wondered why Bill Clinton had quadruple bypass after just having had a series of nuclear stress tests?  Did you ever think it odd that Tim Russert dropped dead of heart attack several months after he had had a stress test? How could someone like Richard Holbrooke have died of a torn aorta ? Wasn’t he being monitored, a man in his position? I’m sure he was, but perhaps not well enough.
The truth is many of these things can be avoided.

They really can ~ let Dr.Wolff tell you how.