When I was writing Between A Rock and a Hot Place I realized that I really needed to address the subject of dating. There are millions of Boomers out there on the market ~ so to speak. . What is it like for them? How does one go about "hooking up" these days? Glenn was very understanding and let me do some research - today's blog will fill you in on what I found and how.


Feb 1, 2011by tracey Comments

I wanted to know what life was like for them and what would it be like for me if I suddenly found myself in that situation. No, Glenn and I are happy as clams. But dating sucked in my  thirties, well actually my twenties. It sucked so much I ended up marrying the wrong person at thirty just to put an end to the whole thing.  So if like some are claiming, snicker, snicker, snicker, that 50 is the new 30 in all these other ways; does that apply to dating as well?  I figured it must be a whole lot worse. There is no question one is swimming in  smaller pool at this age. And I won’t say all, but many men in their fifties and sixties want women in their thirties and early forties. So where does that leave the single fifty-something damsel? In distress? Frustrated? Active? What are her options?  No question because of the internet things have changed dramatically in the last twenty years.  I figured I needed to go out there and find out what was really happening.|
I think today’s interview with photographer Tim Clary is not only illuminating but also tells us about what men want.

Most of the story of my experiences are in the book, so like my Uncle Bob reminded me the expression was, I don’t want to give way the cow  away for free or nobody will buy the milk. Or is it the reverse?

Speaking of Uncle Bob today he is undergoing back surgery – so I know you all join me in wishing him a speedy recovery.

I will let Tim give you his side of the story…dating in your 50’s, not Uncle Bob’s surgery.