I met a woman this week who literally looks a good fifteen to twenty years younger than she is - I asked her secret - and she told me.


Jan 19, 2011by tracey Comments

We all know exactly what we should and should not eat.  It is one of those things that when forced to write about one has to be careful as you can end up sounding really preachy.

So, here comes the preachy part –when it comes to what we put in our bodies, there is a direct correlation between how well you feel, how good you look and what you eat.  Drink less, you look much better; no fried foods, your skin and digestion and arteries will benefit. Stay away from the white stuff, white flour, sugar and the rest of it and you instantly shrink down.  And in most cases people who eat properly,  drink moderately  and exercise regularly  live longer.   At this point many people will throw Winston Churchill into the conversation, “Do you know he drank Brandy for breakfast and smoked twelve cigars a day and he lived to be ninety years old?”  If you ask me he didn’t look so good and I doubt he was honest about how he really felt. Had he laid off the cigars and the booze he might have made it to 100. The flipside is Jack LaLane is 96 and still exercises two hours a day and pulls tugboats with his teeth.
The problem is food can be so wonderful and it’s fun and the bad stuff is really fabulous.  Ice cream, donuts, pasta, stop me now. I can’t give it all up forever.  I try and keep it to tiny bits on special occasions.  But it’s really hard to be good all the time.

I have known people who are; I knew a woman in LA her name was Alex, she ate so perfectly you cannot imagine; and this was before everyone was juicing and detoxing and gluten became a four-letter word.  And when she was in her fifties she looked phenomenal, perfect everything.
So I was really trying to come up with some angle this week, as I wanted to cover nutrition and aging and make it all seem easy. I thought of going to see a nutrionist and popping out the flicpcam, YAWN.

And then, as sometimes happens you get exactly what you need right when you need it.

I was buying cosmetics at Barney’s the other day and I had to give the lady helping me my driver’s license.  She looked at it and said “You aren’t that old?” Fifty is is considered old!

I said, please, I’m very flattered considering how young you are. She said, ” Young! I’m older than you are.”   And then we got into the “no way- yes way” conversation. I finally asked  “What is your secret, what products do you use?”  I thought maybe she had a bottle of some magical formula behind the counter. It is not any cream, it all has to do with food, what and how she eats.

Meet Michelle Ruff, and find out from her what proper nutrition can really do.  Oh and if you live in New York and buy cosmetics at Barneys, always ask for her. Tell her I sent you. She’s the best.