All I want to say about today's blog is ~ just open it and even if you don't read the blog, watch the video. I don't know when I will find another person with such an amazing story to share.


Jan 25, 2011by tracey Comments

In life – it doesn’t happen often – which is what makes it so special but every now and then you walk in a room and see someone and instanteously you either fall in love – or you sit next to someone on a plane and within five minutes it is like they have been your best friend forever. There are immediate, very strong connections that do occur in ones life. Since they are strong and they are rare they are to be treasured and nurtured and attention  must be paid. Though usually these types of connections just formulate and stick and actually they are often already preformed you just have to show up, sit down, pick up the phone or as is now is often the case, “confirm” the friendship.

I am sitting here trying to think up the biggest examples in my own life. Certainly Glenn, he walked in the door and within twenty minutes, my best friend Bruce Roberts said “You’re going to marry  him.”   I knew it too. The fact I was married to someone else was not going to stand in the way and it didn’t.

Certainly, and I wrote about last year in a blog called, What Am I Chopped Liver?  I fell instantly in platonic love with Bruce Roberts and remain so to this day. With me it tends to  happen more often with gay men than with women. Though I have a handful of women it has happened with. I spent the afternoon with a woman named Michele Rowe the other day and though we met briefly and recently, it’s like we’ve known each other always. We sat down at lunch at got up at six-thirty in the evening.

So two weeks ago when I got a “friend request” from an attractive, smiling man named Bobby Levithan I quickly pressed confirm.  I didn’t bother to check  how many friends we had in common; it turned out to be only one or two. I just identified with something in the sparkling blue eyes and the big grin and I liked the way he had his arm around his dog. I wanted to know this man, actually it felt like I did and he felt the same way.

I did the thing we all do and Googled him. I found a slew of fascinating articles he had written. It turned out we had a lot in common, intuition seldom lies.

We then started emailing. WE HAVE TO MEET we both emailed, we knew, in that way you do.

He was in Belize, like me he loves to travel.

I wrote in my agenda to call him two days after he got back, he emailed first. We met for lunch. It was like we had known each other forever. But we knew it would be like that. Sometimes you just know.

If they say, a picture is worth a 1000 words then  a vlog must be worth much more than a 1000 word blog.
So I’m not going to tell you about my new friend Bobby, I’m going to let him do it.

Let’s just say he embodies so much that I find compelling, he is a magnificent example of triumph of the human spirit. He is curious, warm, honest and like me not afraid of telling you anything about himself. He runs into the arms of truth and wants to take everyone with him.

Meet Robert (AKA) Bobby Levithan.