For the next few weeks I am going to explore through he blog and the 50@50 vlogs some of the things I talk about in Between A Rock And A Hot Place. We're gong to have experts on all sorts of topics as well as just plain people discussing everything from health, work, sex, love, and just what it feels like to start getting older. This week we are focusing on health and how we can keep it all together. Today I interview Elizabeth Halfpapp from Exhale Spa. It's worth watching if only to see her hot bod.


Jan 9, 2011by tracey Comments

It’s the time of year when more people sign up for gym memberships or exercise programs than any other.  If they aren’t already working out most people’s resolutions usually contain, “get in shape.” So they go off and with the best of intentions find a gym, get geared up both psychologically and sartorially and begin what they think will become their regime.

And this is a great thing, but the truth is by February half are already out of the game and by March – fugetaboutit.

I have the exact stats in my book, but if you give the milk away for free nobody marries the cow. Not sure that came out right, but you get what I’m trying to say.

Exercise only works one way, if you do it and doing it means day after day after day, year after year after year. When your joints hurt and your bones ache, and you’re not in the mood and you want to do anything but.

While fifty is not the new thirty in many ways, one way it can be is your physical being. Your body can be as strong, it can be as lean, it can be as toned, it can even be better than it once was. You just have to keep on keeping on.

Today 50@50 talks to Elisabeth Halfpapp who along with her husband Fred de Vito are the brains and bodies being Exhale Gyms and Spas, which now have outposts all over the country.

Elisabeth has a body any  twenty-something would envy.  See it and hear how she does it and the benefits she recieves, aside from guys still checking her out.