This is a public service request for people concerned with a large rock concert that has been approved for a weekend in August. It is not only going to be loud, crowded and unsupervised. But it will tax all public services, and be very dangerous in case of an emergency and extra 9,500 would have one way off the island. They have also made no provisions for where people will stay, there is not enough room anywhere, nor have they made sanitation a priority, if you get my drift. So if this affects you in any way. Read the letter written by Charlene Spektor and write a letter to Supervisor Wilkinson. Info all inside blog. Thank You.


Jan 23, 2011by tracey Comments

Dear Neighbor:

Our entire community is very concerned about the proposed 2 Day (and Night) Rock Concert that is scheduled for a Saturday & Sunday in mid-August.

The East Hampton Town Board, without any community hearing or consideration, issued a permit to two Sag Harbor residents who acknowledge having no prior experience in production or festival management.

According to the would-be promoters, the Rock Concert, is expected to draw over 9,500 attendees per day (and night) The location for which the permit was issued is on Rt 27 (Main St in Amagansett -adjacent to the IGA).

In order to cast this in a favorable light, the promoters have aggressively attempted to represent that this enterprise has a charitable component, when in fact the donation is as yet undetermined, unidentified and not guaranteed.

This is a commercial enterprise, and the plu-part of the ‘gate’ will go to the promoters and related operators.

The most dangerous aspect of this enterprise (aside from the disruption of everyone’s quiet enjoyment of an August weekend) is the obvious and shocking fact that the concert attendees, potentially 20,000 in all, will have

no place to stay at night, and no accommodations for food, sanitary,emergency and other related issues.

The promoters acknowledge that they do not have a plan in place, and that after-concert housing is not their problem. The Town Board, does not feel that this a problem; everyone will be on their own. It’s a problem.

Do we really need to have 20,000 additional people coming into East Hampton/Amagansett on a mid-August weekend? This is a problem that will effect everyone from Southampton clear through to Montauk, as the roads will be jammed and all emergency services grossly overtaxed.

Could we ask, please, that you add your voice to our well-founded concern and speak with Supervisor Wilkinson about re-assessing this concert idea and rescinding this ill-conceived permit.

There is a Town Board Meeting at Town Hall this Thursday, Jan.20, at 7pm; if you can, please attend, the more the better.

Thank you for allowing us to email you about this very serious concern.

All my very good wishes,

Charline Spektor

If you are writing a letter to rescind please send it to and be so kind as to send a copy to so that we might keep track of our support.