I know, I know, many of you read that and go “Oh, I love my wrinkles, I love my saggy neck, it gives me character, it's the road map to where I’ve been.” I however don’t buy it. Some people do mean it, I'm not one of them and the ones who say, often say it half-heartedly.


Jan 17, 2011by tracey Comments

I know, I know, many of you read that and go “Oh, I love my wrinkles, I love my saggy neck, it gives me character, it’s the road map to where I’ve been.”   I however  don’t buy it.  Some people do mean it, I’m not one of them and the ones who say it, often say it half-heartedly.

I talk to a lot of people about this and everyone tells me,  “I can handle getting older, but I don’t like my jowls, my neck, my boobs, my eyes. Can’t I get the wisdom and not the wrinkles?”

The truth is you can and many do. And looking older is not the worst thing in the world, unless of course you don’t want to, then it can drive you around the bend.

The other truth is and I really want to stand high on my soapbox and yell this one loud. YOU CAN BE A GOOD PERSON, A KIND PERSON, AND A DECENT HUMAN BEING AND STILL NOT LIKE THE WAY YOU LOOK AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

Facial surgery is not synonymous with narcissist. It really isn’t. I will own being somewhat of a narcissist.  But the fact I’ve had my eyes done is not a byproduct of that. The fact I had my eyes done meant I hated the way I looked and decided to fix it.

The other  giant misconception about plastic surgery is that it’s only for the rich.

This was evident for those of you who watched this weeks’s vlog with Monica.

I met Monica in Prague. She works as a facialist and a manicurist. She is not a rich woman. But she is saving a fund for when she gets her face done at 50.

The truth is plastic surgery and injectables are a multi-billion dollar industry.  There are not enough rich people and celebrities to keep it going. The fact is the average people who go in for procedures are working, middle class women. And the most common procedure is actually breast surgery.  But that is a different blog all together.

There are people who decide for a variety of reasons they do not want to alter their faces, they do not want to go under the knife, nor do they want to have things injected in their body. And that is a totally valid, choice. But I believe those people still look in the mirror and go, yikes, I wish my jowls didn’t look like my Uncle Saul’s.

Things are changing as  year after year the numbers skyrocket for those who choose to avoid the Uncle Saul look.

The really honest ones own it, when it comes to one’s body and face,  getting older really sucks.
Some decide to do something about it and some just decide to stay the way they are and be good sports.

But everyone prefers the way the way they looked at a younger age…really…they do…if they were to tell you the truth…and I am.

There is no question it’s harder for women and gay men as much of our desirability is based on the physical.

Going back to Uncle Saul for a minute, despite the jowls if he is breathing and not on death row chances are he can get a date.

There are many parts about getting older we have no control over, but there are a few we do; we can look younger than our chronological age, and we can take care of our bodies through exercise and nutrition and hold decay at bay.

In today’s 50@50  Dr. Jon Turk discusses some of the many options available if looking like Uncle Saul is something that frightens you.