Back on the road, now in New Orleans.


Dec 5, 2010by tracey Comments

I’ve  loved that name since I saw the film.

Glenn had s0me buisness d0wn here and I’ve never been. It’s one of those cities like Chicago that I’ve always wanted to visit. Plus our good friends John Berendt has a place here and Glenn’s old freinds and my new ones Herman and Nancy Kohlmeyer live here, so in true big easy fashion we’ve been partying up a storm. Now partying up a storm for me means wine with lunch. But still, we are having a blast.  We got in yesterday and our staying at the very cool Hotel Soniat in the French Quarter.

Courtyard when you enter hotel.

Rooms are totally charming. We dropped our stuff and met John for lunch at Bayonne,  the restaurant of hot chef Susan Spicer. We had amazing food. I’m really racing here as we are going off to dinner and I may be too parited up when I get home to make sense. So I’m doing a lot of phhotos.

Great pasta with duck and peas and the cream sauce they seem to put on everything down here. Maybe they should call it The Big Creamy.

Cheese with cream sauce and morels, seriously good.

John Berendt taking off on his bike. How cute is he?

Now some Big Easy moments before I head off to Galatoise’s.

House in the French Quarter

The Kohlmeyers took us to Emeril’s. We were having such a good time I forgot to take pictures until dessert. Banana Cream Pie. Wow.

Homes in the Garden District

Got Two Book Stores in. Octavia Books.

And  Garden District  Books owned by Britton Trice.

You can forget you are in America,  parts of it feel and look like a foreign country.

This looks very American . I made a visit to Aart Accents Tattoo Parlour.

It’s owned and operated by Jacci who has had this business for over thirty years.  I have been wanting a tattoo, or thinking of getting one.  This seemed like  a good time to get one.

To be cotinued.