With ten days left have you done all your shopping? If not here are some ideas.


Dec 15, 2010by tracey Comments

With ten days left have you done all your shopping?   If not here are some ideas.

I’d Rather Direct. OK,  sort of an in Hollywood joke and I’m not even that in Hollywood anymore. But truth is people love making their own films and now with Facebook and You Tube everyone is suddenly a filmmaker. But the thing is with this they are.

As far as I’m concerned this is the item of the year. I don’t care if it’s for man, women or child. This little sucker rocks. I take mine everywhere. I will leave the camera at home, but always have this. Any one can use it and while this one is white and sort of boring looking you can design your own or pick from one of their hundreds of patterns. They start around $150 and go up to $250.00.  The perfect gift.  In fact I could stop the blog right now and just say go out and get someone you love a Flipcam. If I hadn’t gotten one for my birthday it’s what I would ask for.

The gift of privacy ~ well sort of. I love anything animal and I am really impressed with Santa Barbara leather designer Kendall Conrad’s work. She has just opened a new shop in LA. But hyou can order  from her site.  This is her iPhone, iPad, Blackberry case. It literally holds them all. Not at the same time. But I can’t think of many women who would object to taking this out of her bag and retrieving their device. OK so maybe members of PETA will have a problem with it, but otherwise, it’s a winner.

The gift of relaxation. If you can’t get to Ten Thousand Waves, you can bring a bit of it to you. You can buy their products online and they are amazing. A little bundle of these make a great gift.

And while we’re doing the bath thing – I think hands down the single best, most luxurious bath product on the market is…

This with a bottle of  Jo Malone bath oil – great choice.

The gift of  mobility – Rimowa!

I got Glenn one of these for our anniversary. So it’s not romantic, but he is very hard to shop for and he liked mine so much. They are the perfect carry on. If you have a traveller around or want to turn someone into one, I would go with one of these.

The gift of order. These packing bags from Flight 101 are the best system for packing I have ever seen. A group of these will make that travelers life really orderly. It makes packing and unpacking actually fun. A Rimowa with a few of these and you’re set.

A mid-centtury  glass bowl from The End of History is always a great gift. They have amazing colors, a kick ass website and Daniel will help you if you need some advice.

I know it’s not original and it will probably be on of the most purchased gifts this year, but if you know someone who doesn’t have one and wants one. I would say it is the perfect gift. Between this and the Flipcam – depends. But you can’t go wrong.

I love these! Jonathan Adler has done a line of throws that are so warm and cozy. They are just as pretty as the Hermes ones and well, probably an eighth the price.

I’m not kidding here, the gift of a some ink is something many people want.  A tattoo is a great present for the right person.

Costume Jewelry is very in these days, you can get a way with wowing someone without having to spend big jewelry bucks. Erickson Beamon does some of the best around. You can find it at Beyond 7 in New York and other stores across the country.  J. Crew is also doing some fantastic, fun necklaces and earrings this season and they are very affordable.

J.Crew earrings $85.00. I think they are amazing!

Then of course for the sheer eye candy of it there is Harry Winston. Unless you are married to an oligarch or LeBron James these  are out of reach;  but, they are fun to look at.

Meanwhile back to reality – you can’t go wrong with a book. Be it at an independent store, if you are looking for one in your neighborhood email me I know a few,  or your local Barnes and Noble, a book is always a great gift.

Even though it won’t be here until Valentine’s Day, but you can always pre-order this.

Then of course the real gift  is the gift of giving to those less fortunate.  My favorite is One International school in Mumbai.

$26.00 a month will educate and help feed one of these kids.

Unicef is also doing some great programs this year called Inspired Gifts. For five hundred dollars you can buy a water pump that takes care of an entire village. It makes the  Harry Winston seem more ridiculous than it already is doesn’t it?

Any donation, especially this time of year is always the perfect present.

And then of course there is always the ~~~~~