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There is too much to see and do here you need a month, we sit down every day and try and sift through all the choices. Day before yesterday Taylor decided we should take a cruise on the Bosphorus. It was a great idea, so we headed down to the dock and boarded a ferry that took us up the fabled river for an hour and a half.

View from the boat.

I have so many shots I could keep going, but this gives you an idea.

Once off the boat we headed for lunch. I promise I won’t show every course. We wandered in a spot where they give you plates of fresh and grilled vegetables.

And grilled chicken and meat on skewers. Another example of my forgetting to take a shot before we ate.

And then you would take paper thin bread and roll them all up together. Pretty fab and healthy!

We then took off with our walking guide and ventured into the back streets. Of course we got lost but that is half the fun. One second we were in a hip up and coming neighborhood with chic little coffee houses and boutiques and one block away was a working class neighborhood with all the women in burkas.

This truck was the potato and onion delivery truck. A man had just filled a basket with potatoes and onions and hoisted them in a basket to the second floor of an apartment where an old man was waiting for them. I tried to get a shot of this exchange but the old man shooed me away. Not the first time

That evening we took  a taxi and headed over to the other side of town.  Now this city is way spread out and it took us close to two hours in traffic. We were going to meet my Facebook friend Sabrina Fresko. I knew a little about Sabrina, I knew she likes jazz as Glenn met her through Maxine Gordon the widow of Around Midnight Dexter Gordon. I knew she had a gallery and designed jewelry.   But I was not prepared for the wonderful surprise of Sabrina Fresko.

We piled out of the car, a little groggy as we had fallen asleep. But we were instantly awakened by her big smile and welcoming hugs. She ushered us into her gallery.

The Simya Galeri, where she shows and sells her own designs and being a jazz lover she and her special group meet her for concerts and lectures on jazz, as well as other events. But girls being girls, once the hellos were exchanged and some wine poured we wanted to get serious.

Sabrina Fresko wearing one of her own designs.  Some of her pieces will soon be on sale at the MOMA shop in New York.

Someone named Taylor now owns these.

Girls just want to have fun.

One of Sabrina’s favorite pieces called the Bosphorus.

Every thing Sabrina does is with style – even the way she packs up the goodies. Glenn was very generous and we all got some holiday gifts at Simya. We tend to do that when we travel, few gifts at home and we get something to remember our journey.

This was my main gift. It is part of Sabrina’s series that she has made using old pieces from watches.

After we had our fun at Simya Sabrina’s husband Nevzat Fresko picked us up and we all went to meet their friends Seda Binbaşgil, Hakan Binbaşgil,  and their daughter Lara Fresko for dinner at the new restaurant Maya.

Lara, Nevzat and Hakan.

Sabrina thought there would be a chance that Seda and I would be wearing the same necklace as she also had bought one only with different stones. She turned out to be right. But we both thought it was fun and  I think we just look like an add for Sabrina’s wonderful work.

BTW – the food was wonderful and I was having so much fun I forgot to take any photos of it.

Here  is a little film from yesterday’s visit to the Spice Market.