We took off for Istanbul what is now yesterday for us but at the moment today for you but will be tomorrow when you read this.


Dec 21, 2010by tracey Comments

We took off for Istanbul  what is now yesterday for us but  at the moment today for you  but will be tomorrow when you read this. Did anyone follow that?

Heading to Istanbul on this morning. But it was yesterday afternoon.

We take our big trip at Christmas. For a variety of reasons I prefer to spend Christmas in either Muslim, Hindu or Buddhist countries. Let’s just leave it at that.  So today we arrived in Istanbul where we will be for the next five days. We then head to Prague for three days and will bring in the New Year in Berlin. We blessedly escaped the dreadful European freeze and left and landed on time and to an amazingly gorgeous day. We shed our puffy coats and Lucy was the only one smart enough to bring ballet flats. Taylor and I clumped around the almost 60 degrees in our boots today.

Needless to say we arrived a bit tired so be didn’t do too much. But after lunch.

It was as good as it looks.

We wandered up the street from our hotel to see the Blue Mosque. It’s impossible to capture the scope of it in a photograph. Well, it is if you are me. My guess is Taylor has some great shots, but she is asleep down the hall and all we have our mine. When you have my photographic skills it’s impossible to capture it’s grandeur. But this is what I have.

There are six spirals. I actually have a photo on my phone. I will send to myself right now and upload.

Not so great and taken from the car with my phone.

It has six Minarets like this. It’s quite extraordinary. I will have Taylor send me some of her shots when she wakes up and will post them tomorrow.

The main dome inside.

It’s enormous but as a non Muslim one is kept away from much of the Mosque, so you grab your photos where you can.

Lucy grabbing her photos. She probably has much better ones too.

This panel was very high up and I had to zoom in to get it. Impressed?

This still doesn’t do it justice.

The Candy Man Can.

Not sure if he mixes it with love, but we stay away from street food, no matter how good it looks.

These girls liked it.

Every where you go.

St. Sofia. It’s had a schizophrenic existence, it was a Christian Church from the 6th Century  until  the Ottoman Empire took over in the 13th Century. Today it is a museum and sometimes serves as a concert hall.

This gentleman was our guide.

I have no idea what they are looking at. But it must have been odd.

Taylor thought this looked like fun.

I thought this guy had the right idea. So we came back and took a nap.

A great first day in an amazing place, I have always wanted to visit.