I came in Palo Alto for oh, 12 hours so I could meet up with my cousin Lorraine Fox.

I’m In Love With My Cousin Lorraine

Oct 5, 2010by tracey Comments

I came in Palo Alto for oh, 12 hours so I could meet up with my cousin Lorraine Fox.  We have not seen each other for so many years I cannot begin to tell you. The fact that this is the most recent photo of us I had says something.

Lorraine is on the far left and I am on the far right, her sister Karen is in the middle. I know, I know a lot of swimming pools in these stories.

This is not a long blog because it pretty much took me the entire day to get here as the plane was three hours late. But no evil airport twin popped out. I sat quietly with my Sprint MyFI and my iPad and did work.

I got to the hotel – (and for you Danielle) checked into this room.

Overlooking this highway.  But it’s all very high tech  because it’s in Palo Alto after all.

Lorraine left work early and came right over to pick me up. I just wanted to hug her and squeeze her she is cute like a doll only a very smart doll as she went to Stanford and then on to the University of Chicago to get her business degree and now she is a big deal up here in the whole money/tech world that I don’t remotely understand as we all know I flunked math.

We have been communicating on a regular basis for months and I really couldn’t wait to see her. I think part of this whole trip might have stemmed from me wanting to come see Lorraine.

We both come from very small families and since mine shrunk even more this week, hers is pretty much what I have left. But it’s quality not quantity and she is just great. She took me right over to Keppler’s Bookstore where we ran into her friends Cat and Scott. They all went in with me and it was the most fun I had dropping off a galley. Scott loudly said how much he felt they needed a book like mine and Cat told the girl on the floor that she and her friends would all come in and buy it, pretty sweet since they had only known me for about ten minutes. They were a terrific couple and if you can judge people by their friends this is an indication of who Lorraine is and who she hangs out with, it’s very cool.

Lorraine drove me around Stanford as I have never been up here.

She had the great idea that we should stop at –

Headquarters was that brilliant or what? No I did no spot Mark Zuckerberg and the building is very low key. I actually thought the sign would be blue.

We then went off to dinner  and just talked for hours.  We both feel badly that so much time  had past and that due to my side of the family we were kept apart for  many years. Don’t ask I can’t even begin to go there.

Lorraine Fox

But the good news is thanks to the internet we are reconnected and we will stay this way. We had so much to talk about I could stay up here for three days. Which would be nice as I might then get some sleep too. But I am off tomorrow morning bright and early.

It was short  and not only fun but a really important stop on the Face to Facebook Express, and this one will be repeated many times over many years.

Now I have to show this dessert as I promised her father Bob who I was with – I can’t even remember days anymore,  I wander around on the wrong floors of hotels as I think I’m in the hotel I was in the day before. But it was last week and I promised him I would have the Valharona chocolate sorbet as it’s his favorite and he asked me to. He doesn’t think I eat a lot of sweets so to prove it

Voila`- I ordered it and ate it and you are right Bob it is amazing.

I just wanted to pick her up and carry her to my room and talk to her all night. But we were both tired and she has to go to work and I have to get some sleep.

But today I totally fell in love with my cousin Lorraine.