It was a sweet weekend here in New York. Too sweet in some ways.


Sep 12, 2010by tracey Comments

I came back to the city ready for fall and due to an over consumption of good food over the summer I vowed to steer clear of  all white stuff, sugar, flour and anything good for at least ten days. I don’t know about you but when I don’t  tell myself  I’m not allowed certain things I never think about them. But the second I’m on a ” diet” I’m hungry all the time, obsessed with food and then to make it worse  this weekend where ever I went from the streets, to the Rob Pruitt opening it was like the Sugar Plum Fairies were following me. 

Saturaday I met “Mamaface” Joan Kron at St. Ambroeus. We were really good eggs and salad. BTW have you ever seen an 82 year old woman that looks this good? And she is as nice and talented as she is good looking.
All was fine until we walked out and passed by these. We were good we Walked on By.
It was fun to be back in the land of window shopping. I always want to know who can wear these. They hurt me just looking at them.
Punch Copper No Punch Back. I can't stop myself. I told Lucy if we take photos of them they count. The game continues.

In the evening we went to Gavin Brown’s gallery for the opening of  the new Rob Pruitt show.  We love Rob’s work.  Gallerys are usually sugar free zones.

We ran into Thelma Golden the Director and Chief Curator of The Studio Museum in Harlem and her husband Nigerian designer Duro Olowu.
All was fine we were having a good time and then we went into this room. Rob had done these installations.
TIres filled to the brim, rim, trim whatever with candy.
There were mints, and chocolate covered coins, licorice bits and malt balls.
And you were supposed to eat them. Many did.
By the time I got to the M & M's my will power deserted me. Pardon the pun. If it's one thing I can't resist it's an M &M or ten, twenty....let's not talk about it.
I told Glenn we didn't need dinner. But he said a little something and before I knew it we were eating at the bar of Gottino. I ordered a cheese and bread dish, it came with apricot jam. By then it didn't matter I'd had 10 M & M's, maybe 20, let's not talk about it.
Today was a new day - back on my regime. The 10, 20 or 30 M & M's were yesterday. One or two good workouts and no body would ever know.

Lucy and I had plans.  It was a Container Store day.  We needed to organize papers and clothes and photos. We had a project so off we went to my favorite place The Container Store.

All was fine until on the way home, we noticed something new had opened in our neighborhood.

This macaron tree beckoned us from the street.
It's called Macaron Cafe. We went inside. Had I been alone I could have ignored this all together, but come on I had a ten year old with me.
And don't these kind of look like jewels?
OK ~ so 12 made it home. But it could be worse it's not like it's 20 or 30. Let's not talk about it.

Tomorrow is Monday. It’ s better to start a diet on Monday anyway. Which is what everyone says who blows theirs over the weekend. But it’s true.

Oh and BTW for those of you who might want a little something sweet,  you can order from Macaron Cafe online!

And if you  live in New York you might want to go by Gavin Brown’s and see the Rob Pruitt show. It’s a lot of fun and the candy is great!