Today is Glenn's birthday. A little journey through his life thus far.


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Fifty-five years ago today a baby boy was born. He was not born in a manger or even Lenox Hill Hospital but in Ellenville, New York; the first son of Lynne and Aaron Horowitz

At a very early age he started pondering the value of his books. His parents thought he was smiling because of gas, what they didn't realize was he had figured out if he kept his Dr. Suess collection in perfect condition, spines in tact, someday he might be able to sell it to the the University of Texas for a large sum of money.
He stood by the pool but refused to go in with the other children. He knew two things, one was his predisposition for water in the ear, the other being he knew his time was better spent working his way through Virginia Woolf.
He grew up, grew a beard and went to Bennington. He often says he wished we had met at college as Bennington was the only school I thought about going to. What I keep telling him is at that time in my life I was into the Italian playboy look, not the Rabbinacal, werewolf one.

He would however go on to find a smart girl to marry.  I have no photos of this. And if I did which I might I don’t think it’s in good taste to show them.  He would also open his first bookstore, something else I have no record of.

By the time we met we were both almost forty, well in fact he was forty-two. I have already written about our love on Valentines Day so we will keep this to The Story of Glenn.

Glenn shaved his beard, left the hills of Vermont and moved to New York.

He did the reverse Green Acres and called these streets his home. Well, not the streets. But you know the neighborhood.

He worked very hard and built his business. He had the reputation of being rather stuffy when I met him. In fact he told me he showered in a blazer. Not sure if he thought that was a turn on or it was the truth. I think it was the truth.

Okay so this was a little later but you get the idea.

He married me the goofy, blonde girl, with a big mouth, a seven year old daughter and a great love of India.

Wedding photos by Larry Fink
I got him out of the blazer and dragged him to India and made him do things like get dots on his forehead. He learned to love this. He also found a love for old Indian books.

He turned into a different Glenn.

Though he continued to read.

And read....

When we were first together we went to Las Vegas and took a test inside a booth that told us what our child would look like.
He would have a child that looked just like him.
And raise another who didn't. But he loved them both the same cause he's that kind of guy.

He raised and continues to raise two girls.

He got a lot more relaxed...Lucy made me put this in....Sorry Glenn.
But he met Kings. The guy is a king. The Maharajah of Jaipur.
And presidents. He was old here but he was a president and a very nice guy.
He even met Nigel Nicholson which was as close to Virginia Woolf as he would get in 2006.
He even got to read at Sissinghurst. So his decision to stay out of the pool back in 1963 paid off.

But family always comes first.

He still loves his blazers though we got him better fitting ones. And no he doesn't shower in them.
He is the love of my life. The father of my children, in every way he should be. He takes care of me and keeps me sane..OK well that might be pushing it, but he tries. He also brings me coffee in bed every morning.
Taylor, Lucy and I wish you the Happiest of Birthdays and many, many more. We love you more than you can imagine, even if we put the photo of you getting on the boat in St. Lucia on the site. You are our rock and you rock, you can't ask for much more than that. And that's coming from me who is always asking for more of everything!!!!

Last Photo By Lucy Horowitz

Who ever answers this question first gets a prize. Can you name one thing Glenn will be getting for his birthday?

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