Every body fess up all of us have at one time or another peaked into someone’s medicine chest to see what goodies they might have hidden. Once upon a time it was most likely to see what could be pinched for recreation. Or in my case it was just to see what others used for recreation. Nowadays my guess is it might be more “Oh look who needs Viagra.” Though as I discovered last week instead of browsing the contents of other people’s medicine cabinets it might be a good idea to take a look at what is lurking inside our own.

I’ll Show You My Medicine Chest If You Show Me Yours

Aug 25, 2010by tracey Comments

We had a friend over this summer who burned them selves; I mean no one told them to pour boiling water into a drinking glass, but that is another story. Nonetheless I was convinced I had burn medication.  I did and it would have worked  miracles had the person burned themselves in 2003.
This made me wonder what else we had that had long past it’s expiration date. Since we’ve cleaned the closets and organized our underwear before fall starts maybe we should check if our meds are still good.
This video will make it easy for all of you who come to my house as you won’t have to sneak into the bathroom to see what meds we take.
The truth is the good stuff is not in there any way
The real truth is we don’t have anything that good. Unless you can get high off Lipator. OK so I have some Klonopan but I won’t tell you where I keep it. And no, Glenn does not take Viagra.  I do have some Vicodin in my safe I never took when I had my eyes done. But otherwise it’s just the run of the mill over the counter junk we all have, let’s see if any of it is still good.