They say a woman is only as happy as her best bra. Well, actually they don’t say that. They say a woman is only as happy as her unhappiest child. But I was looking for an opening sentence and that was all I could come up with. But since we are on this, oh well, I am on this let’s get our lives together for fall kick, underwear felt like the next place to get sorted out. The truth is most woman know very little about their boobs, their bras and the care there of. Point in fact, all of you women reading this or guys if you want can go in and ask the women in your lives, or guys wearing bras, I imagine you are OK as cross dressers usually have a real handle on these things, but the rest of you; ask yourself is the bra you’re wearing a year old? Is the elastic shot? Are your breasts pointed downwards? If you can answer yes to any of the above you need to watch the video I shot when Taylor and I made a trip to Victoria’s Secret the other day. I learned a lot about bras and boobs and I thought I actually knew it all, and that is saying something considering we all know I’m a bit of a know it all to begin with.


Aug 22, 2010by tracey Comments

A few facts:

80% of all women are not wearing the right bra size.  For years I thought I was the same size I was at sixteen, this was either delusional or wishful thinking or both. To find out your actual size you need to be properly fitted by a professional.  Boyfriends, husbands and lovers do not count. Though they can take an educated guess as a jumping off point, don’t go basing your bra size on it.

I will bet 90% of you are not storing your bras properly. I found out I wasn’t. I also was not rotating correctly. And that does not mean what you think it does.

The sad truth is they don’t live that long. A really well cared for, properly washed, stored and rotated bra might live as long as a worker bee, which is one year.  A so-so cared for, not well stored bra has the life span of a cricket, which is four to six months. So it’s not only in your breasts’ best interest but also your wallet’s to take good care of them.

I also learned that men love Victoria’s Secret. I knew they got a charge out of the catalogue. But I was surprised the other evening when my very sophisticated, attractive dinner partner told me that every time he is in the mall next to a Victoria’s Secret he tries to think up a legitimate reason to go inside.

Well, for any of you who share his feelings,  there are many things in VS one can buy as a gift. The ladies who work there are very happy to help and will always aid you choosing that just perfect little something.

We were lucky to meet Genvieve who not only did the fittings but allowed me to interview her about all things bra-y.