My friend Karen Quinn has just written a book called Testing for Kindergarten. Karen has written many books, one of them being The Ivy Chronicles that I did several drafts of at Warner Brothers. She is a lively, well informed author, especially on the topic of children, schooling and all that involves. In her new book she not only explains what kids need to know before they enter kindergarten but she has many tests, games and tools to help them get there. I took the tests and failed them all. Well, no actually I didn't take them as I could not stand the thought of failing them all. But seriously if you have a child about to enter kindergarten this fall or next; if you have a friend, niece, nephew or grandchild who is that age or even if you have a really lame friend your own age you feel could use some basic information this book is for you. I do not think it works on adults who behave as if they are in kindergarten, perhaps that will be Karen's next book. I know I would buy dozens of copies of that one. I did a video with Karen when we had breakfast last month as I think it best if she tells you what Testing for Kindergarten is all about.


Jul 22, 2010by tracey Comments

Karen’s website – she has a great blog I follow!