I cannot tell you how many responses I got to yesterday’s posting about literary macho man Sebastian Junger - but what amazed me was they all basically said the same thing.


Jul 2, 2010by tracey Comments

I cannot tell you how many responses I got to yesterday’s posting about literary macho man Sebastian Junger  – but what amazed me was they all basically said the same thing.

“Do you have any idea how short he is?” “  The guy is a midget”  “You ever seen him in real life he must be four foot two.” “ Sebastian Junger???? He’s tiny.” Somehow they were saying his height undermined his talent and maleness, reinforcing the notion real men can’t be short.
Now let’s start with I don’t personally care and whatever height he may be the man has bigger balls than most men I know or have heard of. He put his life on the line by  spending months in the most dangerous place on earth.  He could be a Lilliputian but the guy is all man. And height shmeight is my attitude. Some of the sexiest, smartest, funniest men I  know have not been what the great American measuring stick would consider tall.

Short for a man I found out this morning is five eight or below.   Most women come in at between five four and five seven, men are “supposed to be” taller than their women.

Poppycock, and while we are on that topic one of the things  people are saying  when they say men are “short” is they are not well endowed.

OK – well I can tell you in my experience and I have had enough to comment that is false as well. And think about it something that is hanging off a guy six foot two will look very different on a guy five foot five…so we can totally shoot down that theory.

And I think shorter guys try harder in all areas.

But people love to dismiss men by saying they’re short.

Well I go on record I prefer my men short which is evidenced by the fact I left a six foot two man for a five foot seven one and it was the best thing I have ever done.

The other two men in my life who I adore the most after Glenn are very short, one even makes the global list. My friend Paul Williams  is amazingly talented, cute and charismatic ~ Paulie comes in at five foot two.  Bruce Roberts, my best friend and funniest person I know, also ridiculously talented is very short.  Griffin Dunne,  old friend, (though now happily married) has had more beautiful girlfriends than anyone I know – also hot, smart, talented, funny and short.

Last week I referred to Sonny Mehta as the most divine man in New York, Sonny is short.

And then there is one of my favorite people on the planet despite the fact I don’t know him, but half the chapter on sex in my book is devoted to him, Jon Stewart – short, very short and every time I mention his name  someone chimes in with the “ Do you know how short he is?”  I DON’T CARE.

I’m staying on topic and keeping this blog short – like some of the best men I know.


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