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When it comes to the latest, newest, hippest, hottest restaurants, or clubs I am so out of it. I always mean to get to places. I read about them, rip pages out of magazines or bookmark things online.  I even have a special notebook (I am a notebook freak) where I have lists of all the places we are going to try.  Sometimes I actually do, but often times I wait so long they are either closed or so last year they are empty.  It’s not entirely my fault as Glenn likes about four restaurants where they know his name and he has a table and when he walks in the seas part.  If someone says  “Welcome Mr. Horowitz”  they have his business for life. In fact the other day we did wander into a new place (I will blog it next week) and the man who owns it remememberd us from when he used to work at the Mark Hotel and we ate there four nights a week for eight years until they closed.   But we walked in and two people chimed in “Mr. Horowtiz” they could have served us Purina dog chow and this would have been one our new “spots” Thank heavens the food was great.

Two years ago they opened a place in Montauk called The Surf Lodge. It was apparently the coolest, the most fun, hard to get into, forty deep at the bar, two hours to get a table, fire eating hot spot. Every one was saying, “Been to the Surf Lodge?”  “Can’t come to dinner we’re going to the Surf Lodge” “You’re kidding you haven’t been  to the Surf Lodge??????”

Glenn doesn’t do a lot of surfing and this was not the kind of place where all the waiters were going to chime in with “Welcome Mr. Horowitz” so despite the fact it was written in my  places to go book we never went and like many things I eventually lost  interest as the moment past.

So yesterday two years after it opened, Lucy had a play date, Glenn had a business lunch and I said to Taylor “Let’s go to The Surf Lodge. Hopefully it’s still open.”

Since we are both recording our every move in different ways, me through the blog and her through photography she is pretty much up for anything; and she has never once indicated she wanted anyone to say “Welcome Miss Templeton.”

So we climbed in the car and drove to Montauk. And you know what, it wasn’t  closed at all.  It might not have been packed to the rafters as it was a gorgeous day  and most people were at the beach, and the people who were there were huddled in the media pit watching the World Cup Finals, but we had a great time.

Proving yet again it doesn’t always matter when you get to a place as long as you get there eventually, provided it’s still open.

It's this very simple, yet surfically pretentious themed motel.
But despite that it's really kind of appealing.
It's in a gorgeous spot, the whole place overlooks this.
The rooms all have these cool hammocks hanging on the balconies.
The rooms apparently look like this.
The dining room looks like this.
We had lunch outside. It's as outdoorsy as we get. I'm happier than I look. I was still recovering from the night before.
Some day she will put down the camera and you will see her face again!
The lobster rolls were great. Lobster rolls tend to be great most of the time. The mere concept of a lobster roll is great.
I'm really loving things painted on the sides of buildings.
On the way home we stopped in Amagansett at our friend Claudja Bicalho's new shop LazyPoint
The shop is like Claudja, fun, chic, eclectic. Claudja I'm sure got to The Surf Lodge the week it opened - looking amazing.

I'm kind of loving these. I just have to find the right spot for one.
We ran into our friend the artist Matt Satz who just happened to be part of a group show upstairs at the WhiteWash gallery.
One of Matt's paintings. We LOVE Matt!
Matt sent us across the street to Jack's Stir Brew for iced coffee. Who knew it had been voted some of the best coffee in the country. Jack invented a new way to make coffee, he does it really well. I introduced myself to him so when i come in maybe they will call me Tracey!
Jack of Jack's who also has two stores in the city, and Molly who runs the shop in Amagansett. It was the best coffee we drove back this morning for another one and it is not around the corner.






249 Main Street/ Amagansett – New York  631-604-2632