Nivedita Chandrappa who has a talk show called Asian Immigrant Experience did this interview with us. Though I did do a kind of jokey blog about our getting there - the final product is something we are proud of. Nivedita works very hard at editing the footage of the film she is talking to you about with the actual interview. I think she has taken more time and done this better than most anyone I have seen. She does it all herself which makes it doubly impressive. I have to say I feel deeply honored to be on her show and I know Taylor did too. Considering the fact I think of myself as a South Asian, it makes me happy to be on a show called Asian Immigrant Experience. With all the brouhaha LA last week, Nivedita has done a better job than a major network with a big budget and all sorts of supposed experts at their disposal. You can see the video in the main text of this blog.

Asian Indian Immigrant Experience

Jun 10, 2010by tracey Comments