hanks to so many of you I had a great birthday. I got so many Facebook Happy Birthday's. I felt awful as I didn't have the birthday alert app up on my page. So I have missed at least two years of FB friends' birthdays. So this is HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all my Facebook friends for the last two years!!!


May 13, 2010by tracey Comments

Thanks to so many of you I had a great birthday. I got so many Facebook Happy Birthday’s. I felt awful as I didn’t have the birthday alert app up on my page. So I have missed at least two years of FB friends’ birthdays. So this is HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all my Facebook friends for the last two years!!!

No word from mom, big surprise. Half-sister I sent lovely gift to last month–nada. A call from dad at six pm. OK – a call is something. I wouldn’t call it a lot, but it’s something. “The card is in the mail.” A card is something. Oh stop me now. Grateful. Grateful. I am grateful.

I did get the most amazing thing. I got a letter from Blake’s mom and I don’t think she had any idea it was my birthday. I had sent her a mother’s day card and she sent me a letter with a photo she had found in Blake’s special box of the two of us. “It was tattered and old, but he had kept it in a frame,” she wrote. “It must have meant a lot to him.” She sent me the original. It arrived on my birthday. Of course I broke down in tears. Wherever he is he he somehow got himself to me on my birthday.

How do you not believe when things like that happen? And they keep happening with Blake. That was the greatest gift of all, a tiny photo taken forty-five years ago of us at the Fiesta Parade in Santa Barbara.

Mamaface Joan Kron, who I would have picked in Babyville had they offered therapy and parental counselors before an amoeba makes a choice, took Taylor and me to lunch at Michaels.

Lunch at Michaels is always fun. The only downside was Mamaface gets such a good table I was facing the back of social sycophant David Patrick Columbia all through lunch. Better his back than his front I suppose. We had such fun I actually forgot he was there.

Taylor and I ran up, well we cabbed up, to Best Buy as I had to get another camcorder. Yes, what I needed another electronic device I can’t use or focus and more chargers and uploaders to get tangled and confused. But I am comcorderly challenged and there was a play at Lucy’s school today and I could not be the only parent not filming. I have one but it’s so big I look like I’m shooting Avatar and I never really learned how to use it. I have another but I got it when Lucy was born so it actually uses those little tapes. Shoot, where are they???

So as one of my gifts Glenn told me to go get one I wanted. I made the adolescent choice – despite the salesgirl and my friend L telling me the sound quality sucked, and I could have gotten a better one, I love the look of the FLIP. So now you will all have to suffer through small badly shot films as well as my out of focus photos.
Larry – did the guy teach me how to use the camera the day we bought it? Did he say it was idiot proof? I wasn’t clearly wasn’t paying attention.

I did at my friend Pace’s suggestion get a massage. It doesn’t take much to talk me into a massage – it pretty much takes someone being near me to do it.

And then my in-laws joined us at what has become our birthday restaurant Phillipe for dinner. We started this goofy family tradition last year when we were obsessed with the Real Housewives and discovered the Skinny Girl Margarita. But Glenn, who is the least cheap person I know and didn’t even complain when the check came at Harry’s Bar, finally said, “This is nuts. The food is awful, [which it sort of is] and it’s loud, [which it really is] and the crowd is people who also watch the Houswives and want to be like them and it’s so overpriced [which it totally is].”

But I don’t like to drink and I love the Skinny Girls; he told me to go when I wanted for drinks but no more dinners there. So anyone who wants to join me for Skinny Girls, during baseball season, football season, until the Jets are out, NBA playoffs, that endless thing when the college basketball players run around competing for whatever title it is they are after, that covers much of the year, Skinny Girls on me..well…on Glenn!

Thank you all for the flowers, the cards, the good cheer and wishes and gifts and love. As they say and it’s true, you can’t pick your family (unless you follow Lucy’s theory) but you can pick your friends and I have great ones!

The fifty-second year started like any other day. Coffee and see what came in over night.
Birthday Wishes!
Gupta Love
Lucy love!
Salva brought me flowers!!!!!!!!!!!
It's my birthday - I would rather stay in bed and eat muffins. But I don't want my ass to look like one so I am going to the gym.
Mamface Joan Kron at Michaels.
She gave me a T-shirt that says Juvederm. This is very cool as it's the only filler I don't have shot in my face.
The first of a day of sweets!
The yellow ones are from Larry. The teddy bear ones from Maria Bushkin. The roses - Salva. The Iris are from my in-laws who are furious with the florists as the were supposed to send two dozen roses.
Lucy knows I love notebooks.
Taylor knows I'm a listoholic! This is very cool. I will blog it.
A Skinny Girl Margarita! Heaven
Grandma and Grandpa
Taylor and Grandma
Taylor taking pictures.
How can anything this good make you skinny?
It's dark I think my flash is set on tulip again.
Lucy - by Taylor
Cake -by Taylor
The greatest gift - Blake and me forty-five years ago - sent by Blake - but through his mom Kim.