It’s a beautiful Saturday and I really don’t want to be at me desk writing. And thanks to Ann Pleshette Murphy, a wonderful woman I met two weeks ago I don’t have to.


Apr 24, 2010by tracey Comments

It’s a beautiful Saturday and I really don’t want to be at me desk writing. And thanks to Ann Pleshette Murphy, a wonderful woman I met two weeks ago I don’t have to.

For those of you who don’t know who she is, though many do I lifted this straight off the web. Thank you GOOGLE, I told you I didn’t want to write today.

“Ann Pleshette Murphy has been the parenting contributor for ABC’s Good Morning America since November 1998. Her “American Family” segment airs weekly. From January to November 2000, she was the parenting expert on Lifetime Live, appearing weekly to discuss a wide range of child-rearing challenges. In addition, Murphy regularly hosts a live chat on the Good Morning America website, answering dozens of questions from parents across the country. 

Prior to joining ABC, Ann was a frequent guest on NBC’s Weekend Today and the parenting expert on The News at Noon (WCBS-TV), where she appeared weekly from 1994 until 1999. Her other television credits include appearances on The Today Show, CBS This Morning, Regis & Kathie Lee, and Oprah. 

A well-known magazine journalist and editor, Ann is a Contributing Editor of Parents magazine, where she served as Editor-in-Chief from 1988 to 1998. Her monthly Q&A column on children’s behavior is one of the most popular features in the magazine, which has an audience of 12 million. During her 10-year tenure at Parents, Murphy edited several ancillary publications, including Parents Expecting, Parents Baby, and Target the Family. She also helped to launch an ambitious book-publishing program, overseeing the highly successful book It Worked for Me, and editing The Parents Answer Book, an 800-page reference on children’s health and development. Ann is currently writing a book about motherhood, which will be published by Alfred A. Knopf, Inc. Before joining Parents, Ann was the editor of Good Food, executive editor of Diversion Magazine, and senior editor of Redbook. 

In her lectures, Ann Pleshette Murphy addresses many parenting issues. She offers parents age-specific information on talking about the news, ideas for routines/rituals at home, and coping strategies when they’re feeling stressed. Murphy believes that now more than ever, children benefit from several things: a spiritual life, opportunities to give, family traditions, a sense of their family’s history, and, believe it or not, a little boredom.”

As you see from this she is one of the authorities on parenting in the country.

She is lovely woman and I had the honor of being interviewed by her about Lucky Ducks.  And the great thing about Ann she actually watched the film before sitting down with me.  I know most people don’t have time, but she made time.

And I think because of that we got an especially important interview- she went right to heart of what we were trying to accomplish.

I am presently reading her book The Seven Stages Of Motherhood.

I highly recommend it.

And I think one of the most special things I have received in all of this is the inscription Annie put in my copy of her book.

“To Tracey – Who understands the importance of understanding ourselves! Best Annie”

Thank you Annie – for the kind words, the terrific interview, for taking the time to “get it” and all the advice and guidence you have been giving parents  over the  years.