Once it was established we are headed for LA and Dr. Phil, Taylor and I had the serious heart to heart - what to wear???


Apr 17, 2010by tracey Comments

Once it was established we are headed for LA and Dr. Phil, Taylor and I had the serious heart to heart – what to wear???

I have to admit I don’t watch any afternoon TV, I really don’t watch TV at all, but I went online and found out lo and behold Dr. Phil has the second highest ratings for afternoon TV in the country. What to wear became an even bigger deal.
And the thing about this show is we are actually not going on as dog and pony or to be ridiculed or asked how could you do that? But we are going on as people who faced a problem and fixed it with an unorthodox solution.

We’re sort of experts?????

Thirty years of shrinks and nine hundred self-help books later paid off I guess.

But still that does not address the issue of what to wear.

Being it was Friday night when I started obsessing about this and it was latish I was left with going online. I looked at every thing Net-a-Porter had. Pants are very skinny and sexy, dresses either summery or evening or just not me. I literally only found a pink jacket that was a maybe and I don’t have time for delivered maybes, I can’t even try on.

I did find a cute Jason Wu on Bergdorfs.com – Jason Wu is good. Michelle Obama wears Jason Wu. But they only had 0,2,and one 6. I can get into a six but not always; I figured I would run over to Bergdorf’s in the morning to try it on.

But I really wanted to discuss this with someone, blessedly one of my chicer and clothes loving friends is Jane Moffat who lives in Hong Kong where it was morning. I fired off an email – I need help, what to wear on Dr. Phil. I think she was taking the kids to school.

But when I woke up this morning there was an email from her waiting, “I think you might want to go with Jason Wu.” Son of gun, great minds think alike. I told her about the one at Bergdorf’s.

Right after the gym I dragged my friend Kelly Langberg who works as beauty consultant over with me, it happens to be two blocks from the gym.

She was worried they would kick us out as we were drinking coffee. It as ten thirty in the morning; they were thrilled to see us.

Wouldn’t you know Bergdorf’s online and Bergdorf’s brick and mortar, sounds weird Bergdorf’s brick and mortar…. are not the same thing. I could not wrap my head around this. I said to the guy who was on the floor, who did not look so happy with the coffee cups or perhaps Kelly made me paranoid about them, he said what’s online is not in the store. But there is only one store, isn’t online just in the basement? He pointed to a rack of Jason Wu cocktail dresses – not going to fly on Dr. Phil.

Kelly and I took our coffee and left.

I did not despair as I have my man of taste who I go to when I need to look right and good or hopefully both, Charles Battalia at Jeffrey. I called Charles and said “Listen I have to go on Dr. Phil a week for Monday and you have to find me something.”

“Leave it to me, be here at two-thirty.’

Now I just hung up the phone with Taylor who gave me shit about blogging this. She said in light of the film we should not talk about our clothes.

I understand intellectually. But I said we are us and I think anyone in America who was going on the number two watched afternoon show for one hour would want to get something special to wear.

“But to blog about it?”

“Yes, I think people like to read about these things and yesterday I blogged sort of heavy and today is gloomy and I want to blog light and I blog about many things. And people loved the whole Glenn and the navy jacket, purple sweater blogs.”

“You don’t have to blog everything.” she said.

Though truth be told there are things I keep to myself. Really, there are. You’d be surprised.

But this is how far Tay and I have come, we did not fight. We had a difference of opinion. And I said,

“This conversation is not going to change my POV, and you are entitled to your opinion but I am going to say good-bye and go back to blogging. Love you.”

I did say if she didn’t care what she was wearing I didn’t have to buy her a new dress. That didn’t fly. But I will not blog about what she wears.

We are who we are.

Back to Charles – I arrived and he had a big hug and a whole room full of stuff waiting.

If you live in New York or come to New York and need something special or just want some fun. Call him. He’s the best.

And wouldn’t you know – he had the perfect thing hanging there. And he told me it was the first thing he pulled.

The man is brilliant at what he does.

Clothes Waiting. I love how together it looks

Charles Battalia and a way cool jacket I did not jet. No stripes on TV - Ever. Remember that. He knows that but he thought I might want it for life. I did but didn't get it.
Too yellow. Too big. Too cocktail. But it was really pretty.
Too much shoulder action and too expensive. But the blue is gorgeous.
Too Kim Cattrall goes club hopping.
Too Gloria Allred goes to a wedding.
THE WINNER! Simple, understated, professional but stylish!

Thank you Charles!!!!


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