When we got back from our last trip Lucy said, “You know there are so many cool things in New York the tourists do and we never do any of them. We only do that stuff when we go away.”


Apr 18, 2010by tracey Comments

When we got back from our last trip Lucy said, “You know there are so many cool things in New York the tourists do and we never do any of them. We only do that stuff when we go away.”

Out of the mouths of babes.

She was totally right.

In the last year she has been to the top of The Eiffel Tower, The Tokyo Tower, The Clock Tower in the Piazza St. Marco not to mention Angkor Watt, but the kid had never been to the top of the Empire State Building.

I have been to Rajasthan six times but never out to the Statue of Liberty.
This is pathetic. The only time I’ve been to Staten Island is when Glenn took a wrong turn driving to Brooklyn.

So we decided we would do more touristy things here at home.

Lucy and Glenn went to the Empire State Building last week. I have been there and don’t really need to do it again.

Today we were going to do Ellis Island, that’s something we have never done. How many New Yorkers have?????

But we heard it was going to rain and so I changed the plans. Of course it turned out to be gorgeous – but when I change my plans, well, I’m not what you would call the world’s most flexible person.

Lucy had her good friend Charlotte here and they decided the first thing you would do as an out of towner would be to go to BUILD A BEAR. Not sure the logic behind this, but she was persuasive. And I was so surprised at her age she still wanted a teddy bear I went along with it.

Sort of like when I bought Taylor Lola Falana our Chihuahua when she was thirteen as I felt she would grow up and never cry in the pet store again and I would have deprived her of a Chihuahua. Not my brightest moment. I have raised Lola and now Taylor is at school and I’m left with a misshapen– well, we love her.

So I didn’t go to the gym and took the kids to Build a Bear early before the real tourists descended. The thing about being a fake tourist is you don’t really want to hang with the real tourists.

We have been saying for weeks we would go to the CURIOUS GEORGE SHOW at the Jewish Museum. This is the kind of thing I say we will do and by the time we actually get around to it it’s gone. So we went up early in the day like good tourists and it’s a great show. It’s the archives and drawing of N. H. Rey who created the character and with his wife did all the CURIOUS GEORGE books. It’s not only a great show for kids; even if you don’t have kids it’s worth seeing.

The COOPER HEWITT, I cannot tell you how many times I say I’m taking an hour and going to the Cooper Hewitt. When I didn’t live in NY I always did every museum and saw every play. But living here, time gets away from you and you always figure you will get to it and you seldom do, but this city has as much to see as anywhere.

I think I was there once like nine years ago. But like good local tourists we went today.

Sadly, it was closed for spring cleaning, except for the garden, which is lovely, and they had one of the Tate Nano’s and I have been dying to see that.

How’s this – we even visited a church. I guess we haven’t really come down from Venice yet, but we went into The Church Of Heavenly Rest at 90th and Fifth. How has that escaped me??? Amazingly beautiful Art Deco church. Worth wandering in if you haven’t seen it.

We then strolled down Madison and got the girls cupcakes. When in New York.

The nice thing about being a tourist in your own town is you get to come home when you are done sight seeing.

My suggestion of the week, do something in your home town you say you want to do that people do who don’t live there. It’s really worth the effort.


Curious George is up until August 1


Cooper Hewitt reopens April 23rd.

Go see the NANO.

It also has one of the best gift shops in town.


Cupcake/ Cookie find of the spring.


1266 Madison

Between 90th and 91st.

Great pit- stop between the two museums and the church.

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