That is about as original as I can be the morning. Lucky Ducks is going continue into next week as I have more people to acknowledge and things to say. But it’s Saturday and it is so gorgeous here I hope where ever you are it’s half as pretty or just as pretty but it is truly amazing.


Mar 20, 2010by tracey Comments

Here they are
Here they are
The left eye was always smaller
The left eye was always smaller

That is about as original as I can be this morning.

Lucky Ducks is going to  continue into next week as I have more people to acknowledge and things to say. But it’s Saturday and it is so gorgeous here I hope where ever you are it’s half as pretty or just as pretty but it is truly amazing.

Everyone keeps asking me about my eyes. For some reason of all the things going on around me that seems to be what people want to know. So I have enclosed  some photos.

They are much, much better and according to Jon Turk they are three months from being what they will really be. I was going to wait until we were further in, but enquiring minds want to know. Or perhaps people who are considering doing this themselves want to see.

No, I have not heard from the Pioneer Woman and I do not expect to.  She sold her story to Sony this week.  Reese Witherspoon is thinking of playing her, so my film credentials did not impress her enough to round up any kind of blogger friendship.

I also knew when I did the whole penis mountain run last week, my readership in terms of the conservative, Christian Right was pretty much over. I doubt that I have many of them anyway. But you can’t be all things to all people. And you know at the end of the day, I can only be me. And I can’t pretend to be all sweety pie honey pie as that is not the way I see things.  Never have, never will. I ‘m a cynical optimist. I kind of knew  the PW and I were not in sync when she loved the dancing during the Oscars.  I only know this as she tweeted it at the same time I Tweeted – I would rather watch an Old Episode of the Kardahsians than this. I don’t think I tweeted that exactly, but it was the subtext.

The text was a version of “shoot me in the head I can’t bear to watch this dancing shit.”

So that is that….

I did some JUST BECAUSE’S this week. Not sure we are putting that up on the new fangled website as only Emma in California seemed to like the idea. But if any of you do like the idea, please write in. Also, please write in and let me know if there is anything you would like to see added or more of on the site.

My terrific web designers, Greg and Patricia of THE KIND COMPANY are presently working on updating the whole site  and the new version should be up in four weeks.

Well, my Just Becauses were –

I sent extra money to my One International the slum school in Mumbai that is in the film. I was watching it this week and those kids just melt my heart.  For twenty-five dollars a month you can support one’s education.  They are so pure and such little love bugs you just want it all to be OK for them.

I did a real Just Because this morning. When I was going through all my photos yesterday looking for Paulie in his Andy Gibb jacket I found some really cute photos of Tay with her dad. Despite the fact he truly despises me and refuses to talk to me if we are in the same room, I stuck them in an envelope and said, JUST BECAUSE.

He should have them  and I’m trying so hard to not expect anything from people and just to things because it’s the right thing to do. And just because someone doesn’t like me does not mean I should not do the right thing when the right thing is in front of me.

I ordered a birthday gift for someone I don’t really get on with at the moment, but it’s the right thing to do and it’s a big birthday so I just decided to do that. Just be a decent person. Just Because.

I also went to a meeting I did not want to go to, totally alone, where I knew I would be shall we say not embraced by the masses. I did it. It was not easy. Only three people out of about thirty would even speak to me..

I walked away with information that allows me/us to move forth in our life and make decisions based on real feelings and information. So it was the right thing to do.

Sometimes the right thing to do is really hard. I guess it was a Just Because, it felt like it. But it was a kind of Just Because I should.

I didn’t tell someone off – which falls more under word warrior territory than it does Just Because. But it’s very interesting when I sent out that blast of “just say NO if you don’t want to get the blog.”  I don’t expect everyone to want it and I have asked to be taken off of lists. But there is a way some people responded, that was so kind and so polite and then two people who I have known for ever were just rude, as Taylor would say. One in particular – one was a shock as I thought we were better friends than the response I got.  The old me, would have pounded back,  “No wonder nobody in town likes you.”

The in-progress new me wrote back – “Hope you and your husband are well.”

If you don’t know me, you are not aware of how big a behavioral adjustment that is.

The other person fell into life’s too short to be bothered with even responding.

I did a few other very minor random acts of kindness.  I don’t expect to have them returned or even acknowledged.  I just did them as I felt like it,.  You can do that in life. You can reach out your hand in friendship, you can offer words of comfort or let people know you are there and expect nothing back from them, hoping perhaps it makes their life a little better – JUST BECAUSE

Have a wonderful day. I am. While Lucy takes acting I will roam around the village and get into some retail trouble no doubt and tonight Glenn and I are going to see our friend Gregory Mosher’s production of View From The Bridge.

Today is Salva’s  husband Jorge’s birthday  HAPPY BIRTHDAY JORGE!!!!!!

If you want to do a Just Because today, this is a great one!