OK, so yesterday’s was the first blog Larry didn’t like. What I love about Larry is he feels close enough to me he could email and tell me that he thought I sounded like an Amex travel commercial. Which is fine. I’m crazy about Larry and you can’t please everyone all the time. The flipside is my cousin Lorraine loved it.


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How cute???????
How cute???????
I Love the card too!
I love the card too!

OK, so yesterday’s was the first blog Larry didn’t like.  What I love about Larry is he feels close enough to me he could email and tell me that he thought I sounded like an Amex travel commercial. Which is fine.  I’m crazy about Larry but you can’t please everyone all the time. The flipside is my cousin Lorraine loved it.

Yesterday I had a friend tell me I shop too much and someone emailed me and asked me to help them learn to like to shop more. As they say, that’s what makes horse racing… or now blogging I suppose!

That is the thing you learn when you flap your every thought and action around like wings, some people will take hold and come along for the ride and you smack others right in the face. Not that Larry was offended, he just wasn’t amused. Not that the shopping comments were offensive, or bothersome, it’s just when you offer up your life as a main course you give people the right to give you their opinions. It’s why many people don’t want to do it. Me, I love the give and take.  And I have always been fascinated in life how so many different points of view can bounce off the same topic or statement.

I have offended my share on this site and imagine as time goes on I will continue to do so.

Taylor actually called me the other day and referred to something I did on the blog. She said,  “Boy that really dinged so and so.  You certainly have a talent for slipping in insults. I can’t do that, nor do I want to.”

“That’s OK – I’ll do it for you when ever you need.” And we know I will!

This blog has gone so far from FRESHMAN MOM but I don’t really mind.

I pretty much rode that horse until it collapsed. This morning I feel the horse is making its way to pasture. There are freshman things – I still feel this obligation to stay on topic, at least every now and again…. let’s see what are they?

Taylor is home. She is asleep. She and I are going to LA and Arizona tomorrow for some mother daughter R and R. Well, she gets two days with her dad and three with me.  That bored me; can’t imagine what it did for you.

My friend Will said the other day, “She’s almost a sophomore,” and it’s true. There really are no issues. None that don’t fall under life as we know it. She’s being good. I’m leaving her alone in ways I never thought humanly possible. I’m actually proud of myself.

As we went to sleep last night Glenn said, “What time is Tay coming home?”

I said, “Whenever she wants, she will be 19 in two months. As long as she takes her shoes off when she gets home I don’t care.”

He oddly is more attached to the old scenario than I am. But I guess he didn’t have as many issues to get over as I did, so he hasn’t spent five months working on them.

BTW- she didn’t take her shoes off. But there are battles I cannot win. John from Maintenance refuses too.

But she is growing up; yesterday after she met me for coffee she wanted to go to a museum. Her idea!

Sadly, the Whitney has The Biennale up and the lines were around the block. And The Guggenheim has a big show that also had a thirty-minute wait to get in. So today she is going to MOMA with some friends. After all those years of me saying “You live in NYC, go to a museum,” that would result in her  rolling her eyes and slamming her door.

Well, they do get to it when they are ready.

They eventually land on a leaf that excites and motivates them to embrace the world in a bigger way and this is a large step towards responsibility and adulthood. For Tay it’s been photography.

I’ve always felt I don’t care what the passion is but if you have a passion, that passion will lead you down so many roads and open so many doors, it can and does make your life a vibrant, constantly expanding enterprise. It never fails.

Issues will arise, they always do, but from now on I truly feel they will be of a different sort. I am totally adjusted to life as we are living it and so is she.

I see a lot of her,  I will say that.

Next year she taking her second semester in Paris and while I will miss her, I think the BEST thing any young person can do is see the world and live abroad. Everyone I know who has done it feels it was one of the most thrilling, perspective-altering events in their lives.  I’m always advising young people spend six months in India, China, Europe, anywhere because you will never get these years back. It goes fast and you wake up one day and your responsibility dance card is so full you will most likely never get the chance again.

But the great thing is the Freshman Mom has led me to all these other fun places and in a long career of writing every form there is from plays, to TV, to feature films and now a book (have to slip that in) nothing gives me the pleasure of this blog and the feedback I get from all of you.

So I thank you for turning up and tuning in and responding the way you do.

Despite the fact Larry doesn’t like it when I give tips or finds, many people seem to,  so I’m going to retool the blog over the next few weeks and add a section for when I find things in the world I want to share and also a section called JUST BECAUSE.

JUST BECAUSE is something I want to do and perhaps I can take some of you along with me.  Once or twice a week, I try and do this anyway, but I will do some random act of kindness, for no reason at all except it’s the best way to live your life and I try and teach my kids that. And I will post it in JUST BECAUSE.

It’s not about bragging or brownie points at all. I would like to start a daisy chain of positive energy on the blog, as I can be arch and I have no intention of dropping that nor do I think I can or should. It’s me. But it’s balanced in my life, and not everyone knows that.

I do have this hippy-dippy side; a burn the candles, ring the bells, god is in the creatures outlook mixed in with all the jokes and observations and anxiety.

And perhaps random acts of kindness from one person can bring in others. It can be for a friend, someone you don’t know, a charity. It doesn’t have to be big, sometimes the smallest ones have the biggest impact. If it’s a charity post the link and see if you can lasso some of the other readers to become aware of it. I posted the link to what my friend Justine is doing in Kashmir the other day.

Now there was no random act of kindness there, it was press for her. Sending her the money I spent on the Herge Leger dress would have been the random act of kindness.

In fact JUST BECAUSE for me this week is doing just that.  I am sending Justine the exact amount I paid for the dress to help the hospital she runs in war torn Kashmir.

She will be surprised as she and I joke how we each have our own NGOs in third world countries. The only difference is she has three and actually puts her life on the line and works in them and I have one and send money and go visit when I’m in town. But again, it’s not about money.

Taylor had a Pakistani cab driver yesterday who is dropping off homemade rice pudding for her today. Now I don’t think on his part this is a random act of kindness as much as an obvious attempt to get her to out with him.

But think about it, I would love you to join in and  to share them.

If it’s making a Pioneer Woman cake and taking it to a friend who is sad, or just a friend you haven’t seen, that counts.

I’ll give you and example of JUST BECAUSE, it happens a lot on FB, people post their charities or friends who need help – you know what I’m talking about.

Matt Mosby, who I grew up with, did this great thing last year and sent packages of things, all sorts of things from toothpaste and sun block to DVD’s to the troops in Iraq. I thought this was great. I always want to do something for them and never quite know what.

A few years ago I tried to work it out for Taylor and I to go to Walter Reade and sit with the patients or read to them, just talk, so many are far from their families and receive no visitors. Well, the government makes it really hard to do that. You practically have to be an MD to get near the place.

Anyway, it didn’t work out so when Matt did this, I was thrilled and sent him stuff.

In turn when my friend Barnetta needed help, Matt said he would as I helped him.

Not all of the JUST BECAUSES will take this turn, but some will and if that happens it will make us all happy and not to sound like a Miss American contestant, the world a better place.

If can be offering to pick up something at the store for your neighbor – that counts.

If it’s doing something unexpectedly nice for your mate, that counts too. The sex stuff we sadly have to keep off the blog or I would really get to roll with this thing.  But that doesn’t play so well in Middle America. It plays great with me, but I want to broaden my readership here, not shrink it. And I guess there are no random acts of kindness in sex, or there are I suppose. Oh please stop me now, I cannot go down this road.

That’s that –  JUST BECAUSE.

And then I’m adding my TIPS, not sure what to call it, any suggestions would be helpful. But my friend Pace was really happy I gave the link to the products I get from Jon Turk. I spend  a lot of time seeking and finding things and I love to share those. They will be the balancing act for JUST BECAUSE or vice versa. In fact, I have one for you today….

For months Lucy, who has a real cupcake radar, has been talking about someplace called Melissa’s Cupcakes. Now I was not paying much attention as America has become so cupcake crazy the last few years, and we have Magnolia here which thanks to Sex and the City has become as popular a tourist destination as the Empire State Building. And I try and avoid cupcakes as much as possible. But yesterday she got her dad to take her.  When Tay and I got home there was Lucy with this giant grin clutching a small box and nestled inside were a dozen of the cutest, tiniest cupcakes you have every seen. They were like doll food.

Except they were amazing, I mean beyond, the beyond.  I ate two in as many seconds. Taylor grabbed the red velvet, that left the rest for Lucy and all but one disappeared before I could take a picture to post.

If you live in New York you have to check it out. I was hoping, hoping they shipped all over the country. What a great JUST BECAUSE, send a friend a dozen tiny cupcakes with a note saying JUST BECAUSE.

Now I’m signing off to do what a mother should –  make Lucy breakfast. It’s ten fifteen; the PW has probably already made her kids Belgian waffles from scratch with homemade donuts on the side. Lucy is getting a whole wheat English muffin with peanut butter, organic! Lucky Lucy.

BTW – no word from PW – YET.

Still FRESHMAN MOM until May 5th