Feb 26, 2010by tracey Comments

Once in a lifetime you get a Salva…Why do I love Salva?

She arrives each day with a smile. She takes such good care of all of us it is truly beyond amazing.

She is the only one who can coax Taylor out of a really bad mood, by either being sweet to her or telling her if she was living in Paraguay she would be really sorry. It works.

She is the only one who can get the knots out of Lucy’s hair without Lucy having a nervous breakdown.

She runs this house better than I can and that is saying a lot because I can run most things better than most people….at least in my own mind.

I love Salva and am not jealous of her even though my favorite dog (Shh…don’t tell the others I have a favorite) but Ramu loves her more than he loves me and I can live with that because I would probably love Salva more if I were Ramu.

I love her because she watches over each and every one of us with such attention and such care it’s beyond heart warming.

She yells at people who wear shoes in my house.

She has my incense burning when I get home each night.

She knows where everything is even when I don’t.

I can’t wait to see her face each day.

And since I have had my eyes done, she is the only one who has stuck it out with me. She was here waiting when I got home. She would have stayed with me all night if we didn’t have the nurses.

When I got  home (Runa picked me up, Kelly offered too) Glenn was in the lobby to make sure I was alive but went running out the door to meet Debra Winger for lunch.


Lucy bless her heart, is a little scared. I can understand that, I still have the vision of my mother’s first facelift emblazoned in my head. So she either  stays in her room, or tries to use me as her in-house Ripley’s exhibit. She just went sprinting out of here to spend the next twenty-four hours with her friend Sophie. So my family abandoned me.

The wonderful nurses had to take off for others in need. But I sit here in the snow and Salva never leaves me.

She reminds me to eat. Tells me to rest. Keeps everything perfect. She just brought me Acai juice. And reminded me I’m working too much.

People always think I’m so capable because I do a lot. It’s Salva who makes that possible. And Allison..But this is Salve’s post.

And Salva has a husband and two kids and all the stress and then some we all have, and she doesn’t have a Salva to help her get through it. That’s why she is my hero, my helper and my friend.