The Guru
Written by Tracey Jackson

Only a guru could have predicted the fate awaiting Ramu Gupta (Jimi Mistry), a young Indian dance teacher with the best moves in Delhi. Mesmerized by a friend’s promise of a New York penthouse and a red Mercedes, India’s Tony Manero gives up the comforts of home to become a star in America. But the road to fame in New York is no magic carpet ride and Ramu winds up in a crowded Queens walk-up apartment, waiting tables at an Indian restaurant and scrambling for any audition that comes along. Still, good fortune can arise from strange places as Ramu discovers when a catering gig at a ditzy socialite’s (Marisa Tomei) birthday party catapults him into an extravagant version of the American dream. Mistaken for a spiritual healer, Ramu becomes an overnight celebrity with the city’s elite hanging onto his every word – no matter how absurd. The trouble is, he’s also falling in love with the one woman (Heather Graham) who knows the real source of his seemingly profound insights and Ramu must choose between his newfound notoriety and his love for a woman who accepts him as he is.