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Oct 14, 2018Comments

If You Can Spend Money Here You Can Spend It Anywhere

Oct 11, 2018Comments

New York – A Complicated Love Story

Oct 3, 2018Comments

Practice Practice Practice

Aug 13, 2018Comments

Dear Friends

May 24, 2018Comments

Sixty Things I Love

May 24, 2018Comments


May 18, 2018Comments

Alexis Moore – Never Too Late To Follow Your Dream

May 18, 2018Comments

Primers – Do I Really Need Them?

May 3, 2018Comments

Makeup Tutorial for Women Over Forty – Fifty – Sixty!

Apr 27, 2018Comments


Apr 26, 2018Comments

Kelly Ripa Ripped Yet Still Age Shamed For Wearing A Bikini

Apr 17, 2018Comments

Six Easy Ways To De-Stress In These Wild & Crazy Times

Apr 13, 2018Comments

It Won’t Get You High But It Will Make You Soft

Apr 10, 2018Comments

Where are We?

Apr 4, 2018Comments

Second Bloom – Cathy Graham

Apr 4, 2018Comments

C – Results

Apr 4, 2018Comments

Hustle In Purpose

Mar 21, 2018Comments

Japan’s Prisons Are Full of Female Senior Citizens.

Mar 14, 2018Comments

Diane Gilman “The Queen of Jeans” and a Whole Lot More

Mar 14, 2018Comments


Mar 7, 2018Comments

Joan Kron – Jackie of Many Trades – Master of Lots

Mar 7, 2018Comments

Do You Have to See Friends to Be Friends?

Mar 7, 2018Comments

Beauty Counter – Beauty Minus 1500 Chemicals!

Mar 6, 2018Comments

Oscar Fashion – After Forty Hide Your Arms

Feb 28, 2018Comments

How To Keep Your Orgasm And Be Good To Animals Too

Feb 28, 2018Comments

The Girl in the Window

Feb 28, 2018Comments

 Marla Aaron – Founder and Designer of Marla Aaron #lockiton

Feb 24, 2018Comments

How To Stay Balanced When The World Around You Is Totally Insane?

Feb 20, 2018Comments


Feb 20, 2018Comments

I Thought I Was Important Too

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