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May 6, 2011by tracey Comments


I’m writing this from yet another plane. I counted the other day and since September I have been on fifty airplanes.  I actually sit in a chair these days and reach for a seat belt. Since, I’m thinking that whole thing might be coming to an end, the traveling, and the schlepping and the hawking and the signing – it sort of has to – we’re going on four months here. So as I make what Im thinking is my last trip for awhile I decided to keep a photo diary of the last seven days, from when we headed out of Oxford last Thursday until today when I hit Menlo Park.


We checked out of our hotel in Oxford and head for the airport. I kind of took this as I forgot to shoot the room when it was all made up. In terms of hotels, we did not have  great week.


Landed at La Guardia in the rain got into the Taxi line.


We got home in time to have dinner with Lucy. Blessedly, it’s New York and there is a restaurant downstairs. Somebody was happy to see their daddy.



We both got up early to workout, that fried Twinkie was still on my hips.  But came back and had to throw some things in a bag as I had a reading that night at BookHampton in East Hampton.

So we were home for 16 hours. Now, I wanted Lucy to go but she is devoted to her Saturday acting class,  she won’ t miss one. So she stayed in town, and we headed out. We stayed in a hotel.


No, we did not sell our house out there, but last summer Taylor’s ceiling fell down, literally, luckily she wasn’t in the bed or she would have been seriously hurt. So, we are doing some remodeling,

Book Hampton



Got up at the crack of dawn so we could be with Lucy. Home by noon and she and I spent the day together.






A normal day. A day like I’m used to having. Back at the gym first thing.


My office where I actually worked all day.


Then a nice treat  I met up with  my friend Linda Whiston from Santa Barbara and her daughter  stylist Angela DiGeatano at the Ritz for a drink. Lots of girl chat. Always lots to talk about with Linda and Angels is a hoot.  You will be hearing more form her on the site soon.  It was a sort of perfect day. I’d forgotten what my old days were like.  I was so happy sleeping in my own bed. At one fifteen the phone rang, I was in such a deep sleep I didn’t even jump, which I normally do when the phone rings in the middle of the night. It was Taylor, she said, Osama Bin Laden is dead. Now, I was so dead asleep, Glenn, mind you did not even stir when the phone rang, I thought she said Barrack Obama is dead. I really did.  I lept out of bed and ran for the remote, Oh, God, another JFK i thought. She said kids were  in Boston Common cheering they were so happy. I was groping around for the remote. “Why are they cheering if Obama is dead?”  “NOT OBAMA, Osama, Bin Laden”  she said.   “Oh, thank God, it’s about time.”  and I went back to bed without bothering to turn on the TV.



Back on the road, but this time in the car and only to New Jersey.  Word of advice, never take a photo in any tunnels. As I was taking this, the cop pulled us over and told me not to take any photos and if I took one in the tunnel there were cameras all over and they would call 911 and I would be hauled in and questioned for three hours. I wasn’t planning on taking one in the tunnel anyway, but it’s nice to know they are keeping an eye out.



One day a year Lord and Taylor does a one day a year charity shop. Individual charities sell tickets for five dollars, for the five dollars you get 20% off on items and 15% on makeup. Lord and Taylor matches the charity dollars spent and donates to the individual groups. I’m not sure exactly how this works, and by mistake I threw out the piece of paper where I had written my notes. But I do know the New Jersey Lord and Taylor raised $600,000 for charity at this event last year, and the Manhattan store did a million. They also offer perks, like they bought a hundred and fifty copies of my book, the first 150 to get in line get a free book. If they could do that, I could show up and sign. People love to shop and shopping for charity makes them feel good about themselves in all sorts of ways. I know, I did my bit once I was done signing.



That evening  the adorable and talented Molly Jong Fast had her book party at Issac Mizrahi’s store on 67th Street. Molly’s new book is a laugh riot, thriller called The Social Climbers Handbook.  The party was really cute, they had cookies that looked like her book, and candies shaped like dollar signs. Lucy Horowitz had the time of her life.

Molly Jong Fast and Lucy


David Patrick Columbia and Charlie Scheips



Up really early as Glenn had to catch a plane to Austin.  Then Adam Apuzzo, who I could not have gotten through this week without as he drove me to these places. The reason I do this, is after all these years I still can’t drive well on the East Coast and I could not afford to get lost, these people were counting on me to show up on time.

Adam Apuzzo

Wednesday we had to be in Roslyn, Long Island for The Children’s Hope of India’s annual luncheon.

This year’s theme was Morocco.  This is a group I am involved with and they do so much good raising money for countless children’s charities in India. Aside from raising money, these women know how to party. It’s amazing.  They get there around noon and as I was leaving at three thirty, they were about to start dancing.

They have cocktail hour, shopping time, where people set up booths,  selling jewelry, handbags, you name it. Dina Pahlajani and Maya Grajani and a  group of others work tirelessly for this.  I was not there to strictly have fun or even support them, but they kindly made me their Women of Distinction this year, which while I’m honored, I don’t feel I deserve in the least.  As I said in my acceptance speech it’s the women who make all our live’s possible, the women who go unnoticed, and work hard and have no one to make their load easier that are the real women of distinction for me.

Dina Palahjani and Tinku Jain
Parul Thecakedesigner Patel


Lucy and I ordered in.  I packed yet again.




No, no, that’s not the alarm going off at  five am. Please no! It is and yes, there is my Rimowa ( who knew it would get this much use) packed and ready to go again. And I  was headed to the airport at six.


Jet Blue 8:05 to San Francisco.

And now it’s Friday in New York.

I’m in  a yet another hotel, a different room and the week ends. But tomorrow it’s up early to take part in the LEAD Conference.


PS – If there are more typos than usual please forgive me!