A special interview with Olivia de Havilland.


Apr 5, 2011by tracey Comments

Now I’m not divulging any secrets when I tell you that Olivia De Havilland,  yes that Olivia de Havilland, and yes, she is very much alive,  and she is beyond well, In fact she is thriving at 94 in Paris where she has lived for the last 55 years.

She is someone who requires no introduction or back story. She is one of the few living legends we have left.  But living is the key word, she has an outlook and vigor towards life that are infectious.

I have been lucky enough to know her for most of my life. I am even luckier that we have kept in touch for most of that time. Every time I’m in Paris I go see her or we go out to dinner.  Last week she let me do something that few have done in decades, she let me film her and she shared with me her secrets to life and aging.